Chocolate day (how can it be in Valentine’s Week?) is the day where chocolate is gifted by a person to his/her partner (Why? We know you like it more, but what can we do??) So to express their gratitude of having them in their life. Chocolate is the representation of warm feelings, so let’s discuss what we can do on this day.

1. Gift a chocolate with a message image1


This is just a basic and common gift which you can give to your love impress them with a lovely message on a chocolate of your favorite taste. The message may contain a quote or simply an “I Love You”.

2. Gift a chocolate having the shape of a head or body image2


Just for fun, there are chocolates available in the shape of many character’s (may be a cartoon, anime or real life character) heads so what may you do is to get a chocolate in the shape of their head or full body which will tempt them either to eat it or to preserve it (slight chances!!). While there may be some people or celebrities who you or your partner may hate or like whichever may be it? Then get your favorite person’s head shape in the form of delicious chocolate or brutally bite of the part of your hated person.

3. Start planting cocoa image3








Who doesn’t like chocolate? Everyone knows that cocoa is its source, so get more chocolate and plan on eating chocolate frequently by planting cocoa trees and getting the taste of chocolate firsthand.

4. Shape the chocolate in their favorite shape image4


What is the favorite thing your partner likes, what is the thing they may be fond of if you know this is another idea of shaping the chocolate in the shape of their favorite thing and letting them know that you know them deeply.

5. Have a mug of hot chocolate or coffee at home image 5


Having problem going out the reason being you yourself or your partner, this will confuse you, now what can we do. Chill Out! Its chocolate day then what may be better than to have a steaming mug of hot chocolate or coffee suffusing you and your partner with its warmness (or hotness).

6. If possible make a chocolate sculpture showing your dedication for your loveimage 6


Your own handiwork is better than any other thing for your partner, so what is best is to shape the chocolate with your own hands or what you can do is also get a working model of a fountain and fill it with chocolate sauce or melted chocolate for your love to show them something different.

7. Show the deepness of your love with a chocolaty surprise



It’s said somewhere (I don’t know where?) that the darker the chocolate the deeper the love, no, we’re just kidding, but these lines can surprise someone if you said them while gifting a chocolaty surprise for your love. Now you may ask there are many things which we told you in above points so what more can you give, just gift them something which you may have given with your heart (heart shape chocolate) or a pack of assorted warm and brown surprises.