Want to give something made by you or don’t know what to give? Don’t worry here are some of the ideas which you can do or even make at home and gift your partner to show your deep love for them, these ideas are homemade ones so you have to give minimal effort.

1. Food or Meal

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Something delicious can bring many people together so why not remain together in the kitchen and try to make something unique and delicious as your love for each other

2. Piece of handmade jewelleryrsz_1jewelry-for-men1

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Something you made with your hand holds importance over anything which you can buy, so you can give your partner a cute piece of jewellery which you made like a necklace or bracelet

3. Chocolate

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It’s a long-standing custom in Japan that on Valentine’s Day girls made chocolate and gave them to boys, even these chocolates are of two kinds, one which was obligatory given to boys who they consider as their friends while the second kinds is love chocolate for the one who has a special place in the girl’s heart, so why not start it everywhere, even guys can give chocolates to girls on Valentine’s Day so they can participate too.

4. Bouquet made from your garden

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Many of the homes have their own gardens where there may be more than one kind of flowers, what may be fresher than collecting flowers directly from the garden and decorating it to give to your love

5. Clean Homeman-cleaning-house-130813

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Now guys, we know you don’t like to clean your home but still girls find you attractive but this time get serious and clean your home for your love and show her your dedication

6. Knit clothes-font-b-Couple-b-font-font-b-Christmas-b-font-Sweaters-2015-Spring-Cute-Women


This can be said as a Women’s speciality, many of the women knit in their free time. They knit woollen caps, sweaters, socks, so they can gift these knitted clothes, while men (Ahem……) can try it so they can make their love happy

7. Symbol of your loveFront-Cover-for-52-Reasons-I-Love-You-DIY

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Now this may confuse you how can you symbolize your love for your partner, just think about it what you can do for them, love can be symbolized in many ways you can paint their favourite scene or any scene they may like, you may even write something about them and make them read it, one of the popular ones growing nowadays is the list of reasons why you love them, this is considered as the best way to show your love for them.