Sun is the only star of our Solar system and all the nine planets including Earth revolves around this star. If we go about it scientifically, Sun is a ball of helium on which the combination or fusion of Hydrogen into Helium takes place every second, only known place where the miraculous Nuclear Fusion takes place is the sun, sun is also the main source of light in our solar system which can be said natural. Sun is not only the sign of progress but it is the sign of vitality, one of its reason for being called so is that the sun also provides Vitamin D through its light which is one of the essential part of human life as bones of generally all organisms are made up of calcium which is strengthened by Vitamin D. The weather on all the planets are dependent upon the sunlight they get from the sun. Sun doesn’t only gives us light and Vitamin D, but Sun is also considered as sign of rejuvenation, hope and Optimism. Lohri is a festival majorly celebrated in the Punjab region of the country which honours the emergence of Hindu New Year with new rays of Sunlight. Lohri is celebrated at night where people dance around a fire with their friends and family, some people gift each other new things as the herald of the new and refreshing rays of the Hindu New Year. So get a gift with order online gifts in Delhi or Gift delivery in Delhi and celebrate this festival of welcoming new changes in your life.shutterstock_242798431-1The time taken by the earth to revolve around the sun is around 365 days which constitutes a year on the planet and Earth also revolves on its own axis in around 24 hours which is the reason behind Day and night, but the revolution around the sun also affects Day and Night by making them longer when Earth is far away from the sun and cold weather is felt on the planet. Each year in June either on 21st or 22nd day longest day of the year and shortest night is observed while on December 21st or 22nd, the longest night and shortest day is observed. This is observed as earth is somewhat tilted, not erect as a sphere. The shortest day and longest night are also called Winter Solstice, winter solstice is the time when people like to celebrate the passing of the longest night as the days start lengthening after the day. The marking of each year is also celebrated, In India the passing of Hindu Year is celebrated with the festival of Makar Sakranti, on this day people enjoy the sun by flying kites all day so they can get as much Sun of the new year or the end of Winter Solstice month and congratulate the new life-giving rays of the Sun. Lohri is celebrated just a day before Makar Sakranti for ending the old day and welcoming the new, some people celebrate it with an all-nighter as they want to welcome new rays of sun as soon as they can see it.