As we know any function is very important to us and celebrations in family gives so much happiness to all our relatives or members of the family. Our relatives and friends they all are invited on this occasion and they present on occasion and express feelings and share the happiness. Happiness multiplies like wish birthday or wedding in the family. I feel awesome happiness when the marriage kind of function is come.

Now, which ways we see function like marriage now days it’s totally different from the past. We have different opinions and views on marriage and its mean have changed adoptable. Marriage is not manly low valued, but we can say that it’s viewed differently. In past, we cannot order cake and there are no more celebrations after marriage like parties. Now days, we order cake because we think without cake celebration remains incomplete. They cut the cake after that we are singing, dancing etc activities.

It is a trend or we can say traditionally, marriage has been seen upon as a focused on purpose of maintaining and founding a family and home. Go to the flash back 50th years back, the numbers of women were totally dependent on their husbands to support and work them. They played role in life like take care of the child, making dinner, etc and as we know in Indian culture husband called by pati parmeswar (husband), maintain the home. Informal was part of the old or traditional marriage. This is obvious in Multiply and Be fruitful. The girl was completely known that when she got married, her role in married life was to take care of children and also look of her house and the main role is always happy her husband. Her life was based on common (procreation) and it was objective to her marriage. Now we talk about our generation marriage is  manly based on romance, pyar (love) and we know that our partner must be compatible so third factory is sexual compatibility. If these three factor does not work in marriage like romance dies or sex goes bad or love than the married pair take decision to move on from that marriage.

As we aware of this fact society plays major role in the marriage, it’s develop new reciprocal rights and social relations between the pair. It forms the status and the rights of the baby (children ) when they are born. Every society recognizes certain rules and step for developing such kind of rights and relations. The society with the set of rules for prescriptions, preferences and prohibitions in the marriage.

Marriage is one of the beautiful life celebrations, and certainly, if someone has doubt, if they need to organize them with range or thought to get married just in attendance of wedding witnesses, saving time, money, energy and everything else, then unambiguous we advise to celebrate these celebrations. It stands as a value for all lifelong. Other side, marriage anniversaries are best chance after so many years to become to remember little bit about all about the awesome and beautiful moments, which are lived together, in hard times, which are express and share. On this day we can order cake online by Winni. Winni provides you top quality cakes. Also you can order beautiful gifts to your wife with winni .Now we are coming to your city you can make your orders like online cake delivery in dehradun .