In every special occasion or in celebration, gifts are those items which make a formality for our presence. No folks I m just kidding, gifts are way to express your feelings for your relation, when you going to in any celebration, gifts has to be taken. Is not deemed necessary but has become necessary. It is natural that new thing is makes happy to everyone. And sharing gifts makes your relationship strong. In every situation like birthday ceremony, In marriage ceremony, in any anniversaries its need to share gifts between your relationship. In previous decades gifts was symbol of love. But now it is need. Symbol simply means, People were willingly  give gifts. But today’s need of gift for every special occasion. As we seen in previous decades in daughter’s marriage parents were willingly  give gifts but today’s it is demands, and this is known as dowry.

When children demands for gifts to their parents, and parents do fulfill their demands, it makes child happy but what happened when their demands not fulfilled? In today’s world mostly youngsters are coupled, their love increases more when demands of each other fulfill by other one. Sometimes we give surprise gifts for children to make them hilarious. In every-one’s life at their childhood everyone liked gifts. Most exited moment was our birthday when we used to invite friends, we expected to gifts from everyone. Gifts are vary from person to person and depends on special occasion.

Gifts are not depends on a thing it may be either money and goods, gifts may be for obligation for love and friendship. In my village my neighbor was a old woman that was rich she had lots of land and money once she was visiting on another village, she was alone. Some men surrounded her. In the village one man was there, he helped her. His help made her happy, she was old woman, than both they gone that man home, because of their age everyone honor her. That was making her happy due to that, that old lady wanted to give that man. And she decided to give land in gift. At that time population was not enough so no value of land. she gave her some land. In today’s time that land is too costly. That is also a category of gift. When someone give another one some good and money in love that is gifts and that is not matter how that was only you have to see their feeling behind the sharing gift.

In previous days when someone want to give gift to another one that there was need to go and give by hand to another one. Why it need to give gifts to another one for special occasion when we unable to reach and want to share gifts that was not possible. another way may be either send gifts by third person or yourself you go and share with your beloved ones. by many company  took the responsibility to share your gift. only you had to buy your gift and send by courier. But it was the process takes too long time. But now technology has changed only you have to select your product online and you can send that product online for your beloved ones.