There are times when you don’t really know what has happened but all of a sudden you get too lucky that all you need to do is to wish for something and it is with you in minutes. And that is the time when you feel like you are on top of the world and no one can sway you from there. These was kind of the feeling when Winni started birthday cake delivery in Hyderabad in 2015, we moved at such a good pace that things automatically started to settle down for us without much effort.

This is exactly the kind of thing that has happened with this guy while he was riding motor bike with his friend. For most of the time he did not even realized when and how he became so lucky. Check out yourself:

In Winni’s journey at the start of cake delivery in Hyderabad things seem to be simple. But over a period of time you got to adjust yourself with changing market. This includes change in products, services and prices according to local market. For example, when we realized that people are looking something more than just birthday cake delivery we tried to incorporate midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad as well. Even though providing midnight cake delivery was bit difficult for a city like Hyderabad but started out from small pockets of city and gradually expanded our service of midnight cake delivery on their birthday to people living in far off locations of Hyderabad as well.

When you as a company keep on evolving as per the changing market dynamics, then you thrive in the big ocean and become able to serve your customers without restricting things from them.