Life is stage and we are the actor of this stage. Everyone view about life is distinct or different ,someone said life is a game, someone said that life is a God gift, someone said life is a journey, and someone said life is a race but in my view life is all about us what we are doing in our short span of life. Everyone is come to the earth to fulfill some purpose. Everyone’s life live life to achieve something and we must have to achieve that purpose for which we come to earth. Today I am talking about life which I had seen till date. Flower is the best production  of God which adds fragrance to our life and the most important part of the flower is they are such blessed that they are used to worship God.

A flower story begins when a seed fall on the ground. The flowering plants are the most advanced due to their ability of attract pollinators and spread seed. Flowers are of different type which differs in color and shape and fragrance and they are the lovely and delicate object to decorate or look at. There are different type of flowers in the world but in those all flowers has common specialty that is there special fragrance and it’s beauty. Flower are the most beautiful creation of  God, with flowers we enjoy our peaceful moment they are connecting us to the nature. with the flowers we say how beautiful nature is. Nature is most beautiful part are flowers without flowers you can’t imagine beauty of nature, flowers are playing  major role in our nature. Our nature is more beautiful because of flowers. Yellow flower are symbol of friendship and I had an experience of one of my good friend which relate to  this yellow flower.

Two year back one of my best friend have birthday and it’s birthday is on friendship day. I want to give him a pleasant surprise that’s why I order an flower bouquet of full of yellow color flowers, because yellow color is symbol of friendship. The day of his birthday I went to his home with flower bouquet and a friendship greeting card. When he saw  me he was just surprised and feeling so graceful. We celebrate that day with bunch of flowers and with some snakes and some cold drinks. This was my story related to yellow flower adds more sweetness to our life & make our bonding so strong. In friendship day yellow flower are best for giving gift as a flower.

There are many things about flowers like every flower have its unique fragrance and unique color that show its uniqueness. There are Million type of flowers and every flower have its unique fragrance. In this word flower are the best way to share your feeling with an excited and enjoyable process. Flowers have its own unique identity and fragrance that differ it’s with another kind of flowers and beautiful things of Earth.