cake and flower delivery in BangaloreVariety of flower are in the world Some are known and some unknown but each flower keep significant for itself and for you also. Different flower uses for different purpose some are for in relation, some for worship, some for decoration. it’s depend on flower which type of that flower and depends on who use it. Flower give freshness when we decorate it, flower is a symbol when we give it to someone, and also it is used in temple and other scared place. In different situation color and variety matters.

If we talk about relationship, Roses are used for different relationship different color of roses are used, red is symbol of love, yellow is symbol of friendship, black is symbol of hostility. And for different relationship different flower is used. Color is also affect to use of flower in different ways. In worship different flowers are used according to religion, in Hindu religion Worship are not considered complete without flowers, here different deities takes different color and different types of flower like Holy Basil, lotus, Hibiscus, and many more flower is for deities. In Christianity archetypal, white Madonna lily and many more. In case of Muslim religion flower is not use for worship, and in different religion uses different flower. Flower are also used in special occasion like marriage and in anniversaries and in other occasion also in which different color and variety also matters.

Flower gives us freshness when we decorates it, According to worship praising mattes, in special occasion color is matter, different flower is symbol of different thing like death, love, relationship etc. Different arrangement of flower gives us different decoration techniques, we can use arrangement of in bouquet for in gift. Flowers makes our life colorful.

In previous decades arrangement of flower was difficult in cities, but in villages due to flower farming no problem for any situation and in any occasion. In city that was problems, little bit problem to collect flower for any occasion. As the time changes. This problem became a way to earn money. These villagers sell flower and earn money. In a big city that was problem to find any seller of flower. Than time came and here you can place your order from home by call. You have to call and tell them which type either flower or bouquet you want for your need and in appropriate time they delivered our product that was a good thing that no need to go market and search, only you have to call and get your order soon. That was good as previous decades but little bit problem also was there that in which you was not able to see and choose your choice, you had two thing either go market and buy  flower online or by call. But in twenty-first century the time has come in which all your problem has been  resolve and here no need to buy unseen product because technology has developed and either you can choose your product order as you want tell them about your choice and they will deliver you your selection.