Raksha Bandhan is the festival that celebrate in India. This festival represent chaste bond between brother and sister, in our family life this festival has lots of meaning because it’s celebrate by sister and brother. Thos who were far away from his sister there sisters send the rakhi for theirs brother and brother will send a gift for her sister. Raksha Bandhan is the festival about the value of brother and sister relationship.

In India there are many festival to celebrate but all the festival that we celebrate its about to related to our God, But when we talk about Raksha Bandhan is something like a warm relation that we want to celebrate with our sister and brother. It’s not just a festival it’s more than the festival its value understand by only a brother or a sister. Every sister and brother are wait hole year for this day. When we are in childhood we did not understand the real meaning of Raksha Bandhan but as we grow up we realize the real meaning of Raksha Bandhan.

There are some circumstance when we not with our sister that time our sister will send the rakhi with sweets or chocolate by post this depends on what your sister will send for you, But that time we understand the real meanning of rakhi and realize the importinence of rakhi. Raksha Bandhan is way of connecting our blood relationship with love care. We all always caring for our younger sister or brother to his/her entire life that’s the caring feeling we celebrating with this special festival Raksha bandhan. We all have our childhood memory with our younger and elder brother and sister that we remember at the day of Raksha Bandhan. We wait full year for this day and prepare some gift for our sister and try find best gift for her that she like most.

Raksha Bandhan is the festival where a sister ties rakhi to her brothers right wrist with pooja thali that contain sweets, chandan tika, diya  and pray for his good and wealth life and brother gives her promise to protect her to lifelong and with a special gift choose by brother. Tie rakhi to right hand wrist mean protection that protect his brother with bed things in his life.

In Hindu religion Raksha Bandhan is very important for brother and sisters both they wait all the year for this special day to celebrate raksha bandhan festival with full family. Just like every festival rakhi also have its own historical meaning that show the value and importance of rakhi. For every brother rakhi just not a thread its contain lots of love and care of his sister, and lots of well wishes for his life. As a return gift of all this every brother has to promise and fulfill his promise of protect her lifelong and take care of her sister try to fulfill her all dream and always be with his side to protect her and always encourage in her life, and try be her strength at any condition.