cake and flower delivery in BangaloreBirthday is a special day in everyone life either it is related to a kid and a youngster or your grandparents. Here I want to put a story about my sweet colleague which birthday gone on 19th September and this birthday celebration was amazing. We are good friends and working a same place. Last year we celebrate her birthday but this time I forgot her birthday date. She said that her birthday is near and what are you gifting to me. I have no answer because as I mentioned that I forgot her birthday date. She is very happy and excited before at one week ago of her birthday. She such a nice and pretty girl and first time I saw excitement of birthday on her face. As everyone knows that this day you get many gifts from relatives and friends, same like that her birthday have very special celebration this year. Every day she talk about what are you gifting and planned for her birthday, this day I will do this and next day I will do this, and really seeing and hilarious happiness on her face.

Now it day comes and in midnight of 18th September she get surprised by friends. All celebrate her birthday with two cakes. Here I said two cake yep with two cake one is only for her face which is bought by online cake delivery services in Pune. On that night we put a cake on her face and filled in the hairs. Wretch girl spend a huge amount of money for her hairs and in the cirque of friends she make like a ghost after putting cake on her face and hairs. She looking very beautiful now. Just kidding, after doing this one more cake is for her birthday celebration professionally 😉 . This was the moment of 18th midnight now next day was office day. Here, birthday celebration started with formal manner but after 2 minute putting cake on her face and hairs was hilarious and now again it was a battle for putting cake on her face and hairs. You can call it again it was a cirque for all colleagues and she get gifts by everyone means friends and relatives, but I was that mingy person who didn’t give gift for her on her birthday occasion. Now she always says that you are only who didn’t gift.

This is little story about her birthday celebration but here I want to predict that everyone has a plan to celebrate her happy day like birthday, anniversary and many more occasion but sometimes planned gone to be failed at last moment. But if you want to celebrate yours friends birthday in a surprising and hilarious way then we provide a way for you execute your plan and want to make it reality by online cake home delivery in Pune city. So just chill and make a online order for cake and celebrate birthday of yours friends in special and memorable way.