Get some idea how to impress your girl with a special surprise. Create a beautiful cakes for your love, mother, with some of sweet cake decorating ideas. Whether the cake is for your Mom, Grandmother, love or a best friend, you just know how to make it special with personal touches that she will love forever. Order cake online in Pune and make your event occasion festive for your girl.

1 Experiment with her favorite colors in her cake

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While decorating a cake for women, first try to make an experiment with colors. Ask your lady what is her favorite color, then experiment with different combinations of food coloring ideas. The best color is pink color for girls. So just make an experiment with pink color it will be an adorable gift for her. If you cover the colored cake with plain white frosting, she will get a sweet and memorable surprise when she cuts the cake.

2 Give a fruit cake with her favorite fruit

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 An accessible and charming way to decorate a cake for a special woman is with fruit. Especially red fruits, such as strawberries or raspberries, and pink accents will give her cake a feminine look. Make her inspired by her favorite fruit to decorate her special cake. Arrange fresh strawberries in a circle and surrounded them with pink frosting and vanilla wafer. This will looks really beautiful which will surely impress her.

3 Write a beautiful quote describing her in the cake

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Order a cake in her favorite flavor or make a cake using homemade frosting and gel icing to write a special quote on her cake and describe something about her. If you’re writing with homemade frosting, seal it well in a plastic bag and snip one of the corners with scissors so you can easily pipe it onto the cake.

4 Add a memorable photo of your best moments in the cake

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Sometimes a photograph or pictures speak more loudly than words, so add a memorable and interesting photograph of her or both of yours with family or friends to make her cake a personalized masterpiece. You can add your own icing decorations, such as a photo frame made of frosting or funny hats on the people in the photo. Girls love lovely and small surprises. So make her feel special in their special occasion with a personalized cake. Capture your memories with your favorite person of your life with a beautiful cake.