This is dedicated to the people (ahem.. Boys) who considers themselves as playboys and Casanovas, and like to date more than one girl, this obviously seems troublesome, but some people manage to do it with ease, Valentine’s Day is the Day girlfriends ask their boyfriend for a gift which can easily confuse such Casanovas, so here are some solutions for them

1. Be Honest, tell themangry-11


I know you said what kind of problem I am getting you into but you know it’s not only a proverb but it’s truth that “Honesty is the best policy.” So get on with life and be courageous and tell them the truth, if they find out the truth then you are going to be in a rock and hard place and it will not be pleasant for you from any side

2. Celebrate by distributing according to days92e1a58bcdafc13c87a3e33b60861cd1eca66b46

Now that can be called a plan, if your girlfriends want to spend their day with you then break your time and assign each one of them a day and get your alibis and evidences ready so none may be the wiser

3. Celebrating by breaking down in hours7bd54a764acf7aa8be690ea16d0f5d6268e1693e


It’s similar to the above point, but this time break your day into time slot and spend it wisely with them and take some breaks between them and make everyone happy

4. Choose anyone amongst them670px-Choose-Between-Two-Girls-Step-1-Version-2


This is a choice you have to make once and for all and it may dawn upon you sooner than you expect, and ultimately you would have to choose one or none of them so get brave and choose

5. Just leave them1447280195413323


If you don’t want to make them feel pain then simply say your goodbyes and leave them alone, a small hurt now is better than pain they’ll experience if even one of them is serious about you

6. Make them coexistvictorious-moose-girls-5


Now this is the hardest part but if you have same feelings about each of them then make them tolerate each other’s presence if they can, from this you can make all of them happy or as the saying goes “ the more, the merrier”

7. Ask your friends to distract them



Staying clear of your girlfriends would be a good but you can also shoot two birds with an arrow by setting one of your single friend with one of your girlfriend by distracting them so you can avoid them.