Today oppositions party are in full swing of attacking the government in Parliament for what they allege was a badly planned demonetisation move. This move have largely left people stranded without cash. And now in process of exchanging old notes for new ones has created long queues outside bank and ATMs which take hours for a person to get it done.

And making good use of the momentum left leader Sitaram Yechury criticized the way the government has pulled Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes to combat black money. He borrowed from a meme that is being shared on social media. While speaking in the parliament he said that “In the French revolution, they said if you don’t have bread, eat cake. Now we have Modi Antoinette. If you don’t have paper, pay by plastic,”. While speaking about how government’s decision made it difficult of laborers, he said that “80 per cent is cash economy, everybody is suffering,” Mr Yechury said, also adding, “The bulk of black money is not a stock, it is a flow. Those you are not stopping. The small fishes are dying while the crocodiles are enjoying.

If you are not familiar with Antoinette, here is a brief intro –  Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution. In popular culture the phrase “Let them eat cake” is often attributed to Marie Antoinette.

When we heard Sitaram quoting Antoinette, we were gladdened. Why? Because this is a tough time for people in India, especially for common man. Arranging basic utilities without sufficient money with them is itself a daunting task. But a little more sensitivity is required by the opposition as well. It is not necessary that every decision by the government go smoothly. But if large amount of public faces hardships then it is responsibility of not just government, but opposition parties, common man to help out each other to ease the situation first. You will never run out of days for doing politics over any issue.

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Marie Antoinette is long gone, but her words are staying with us. And with the help of people like Sitaram we got to learn about our history like never before.