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As everyone know chocolates are liked by children. They like chocolate very much. Some elder also likes chocolate very much. Human are using chocolates from many years in different forms like liquid solid and paste. A best uses of chocolate in celebration in the form of Chocolate cake.  Before some decades cocoa is the tree which is using in place of chocolate. At that time chocolates was in liquid state people was used to drink chocolates. But decades are changing the flavors of chocolates and state of chocolate are also changing. day by day chocolates flavor are increasing. people likes These flavor.

As we know children, they want fun and something for eat. Due to that habit of children when population was not aware some took advantage of that habit of children. they gave chocolate to child and took away from parents and then demand for money. But as decade are passing, people are get aware about that and, and they are taking precaution for that in the favor of child. Due to that parents prohibited to child that do not take anything from an unknown person.

In my neighbor an family are living. They has a sweet girl. She was cute and innocent. She likes chocolate very much. Some time I gave her lots of chocolates. That was bad habit for her. Her father is rich man. Once in her school an unknown person gave her chocolate and kidnapped. And demand for money, that kidnaper was local guy. But her parents are afraid about her girl, defiantly will but did not discuss with anyone even not call to police also. At this evening when I returned home asked about girl, he said me lie that she is playing but As the day have passed the their worries increasing. I feel there is problem when I Forcefully asked to them, then they said all story. Then we went her school and collect information about her, and call the police then searching started. Within 2 and 3 hour they found her and caught criminal. The baby was younger, yet he eat scolding. she was goofy, after scolding she was weeping. I made her surprised. When I gave her chocolate than she got ok and play.

So with this story just I wanted to tell you about the side effect of chocolate. There are many bad stories depends on chocolate. But still everyone, mostly children likes chocolate. As I told you that as the years have passed. Chocolates are coming in different flavors. Chocolates are famous in girls also, all ages girls likes chocolate. At childhood both girls and boys likes chocolate, but as year have passed as compare to boys, girls  likes chocolates more. chocolates are coming with different flavors and different states like liquid and solid. In today’s world chocolates is one of the business area. Some chocolate brands are famous in all over the world like Galaxy, Mars, Guylian and many other these are ruling over the people hearts. and different flavor are in market which are very famous some of flavor like Black Pearl Bar, Lavender truffles and many are famous chocolate flavor.