Internet is known for making sensations of things no one could ever predict. Many people got influenced by these trends and tried to make a business which could create a sensation over internet. Something like Facebook, twitter, google and other internet giants. But no, everyone is not so lucky. And on the other hand, there are several personalities who were nothing more than a common man living his usual life and suddenly becomes a star. Not just of his city but of entire world.

This is exactly what has happened with a tea seller in Islamabad, Pakistan. An Islamabad based photographer Jiah Ali, captured his photograph in itwar bazaar (peshawer mor) and uploaded in her instagram account. To her surprise this photo bagged around 10K likes and over 1K comments within 1 day.

Picture Credit - jiah_ali on instagram
Picture Credit – jiah_ali on instagram

He looks nothing less than a hot supermodel, with blue eyes and a brooding look, as captured by Ali in the picture. His high-fashion supermodel looks while pouring tea has got people talking on Twitter. The comments on the picture range from absolutely smitten, to people fervently wishing he gets modelling contracts now, to a difficulty in believing that he is in fact, a guy making tea, and not someone modelling for a tea brand!

And these wishes have come true, we finally come to know that he bags a modelling contract just after internet broke out over this photograph. He bags a modelling contract from a online shopping store in the capital. The company announced in its post that Arshad will be working as a model for its ‘full version launch’. “Chai wala is no more chai wala, now he is fashion wala! ,“ said a Facebook post by the online store.

Arshad Khan

After getting in touch with him we come to know that name of this famous Chaiwala is Arshad Khan, a resident of Mardan city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  Khan is glad to know he has become famous on the internet and his pictures are being shared on social media.

Such incidents have made it evident that internet could pick anyone from rags and make him reach to riches. Arshad might never hoped that his life will change such a dramatic turn. We wish him a good luck for his new life, and he ever comes to India, he should visit Pune city where he could find a lot of girls who are dying to meet her. Also he could taste famous cakes available in Pune from Winni. And if he can’t do that, then he could send cakes to his fans in Pune, as Winni also provides online cake delivery in Pune.

Find below few more photographs of him taken by Jiah