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In the whole life of each and every country, some of days consider convinced days which are measured as Red letters days. In India this day is coming on 26th jan which is called Republic day .it is a most awaiting day and also most important day it is sign the birth of our country as a republic. That’s the reason it is renowned all over the nation with great splendor and demonstrates. On this special occasion we cut beautiful cake also our ministers will celebrate this day they cut the cake and spread the joy with army members you can order online cake in Pune with Winni we will provide a delicious cake on this special occasion with written message like jai hind. Onwards we celebrate 26th Jan as a republic day. This festival celebrated all over India with great spectacle and sumptuousness. We can say main center point is New Delhi, the capital of India. An impressive Republic day parade is organized on this day. Honorable guest is invited on this special occasion they celebrate this fest very power and joy on this day they order cake same day cake delivery in Pune and feel the freedom. Right 8.00 a.m. the president comes to the Raj path along with the respected guests. They are salutation by the Prime Minister and the defense Minister.

On reaching the especially erect podium, the president unfurls the country flag. The Republic day parade start as soon as after this. The members of armed forces they march are led by heroes of war, who have received heroism awards followed by the young girls and boys who have won country means national Bravery Awards for that year. Police force, different Army soldiers units of paramilitary march to the harmony of the military band. A Christian song is play at the Republic Day Parade. It is very beautiful song and our Gandhi ji really very like this song. The Prime Minister seats a headdress at Amar Jawan Jyoti as a mark of respect to the lots of military of the nation who had died combating for the Indian sovereignty.

Draft the creation was a staggering task. Dr B.R. Ambedkar took 2 years and 11 months to outline the Indian establishment. Our leaders took the best aspect from other nation constitution. Equality and fraternity the concept of liberty, was coming from the French structure while the Five-Year Plans came from the USSR organization. On this day each and every man and women celebrate this day very good they wake up early in the morning play nice and great old national songs on tape and sings with it, personally what I feel is when I listen song like rang de bansti chola, mere desh ki dharti, I feel very proud and this feeling I can’t share it with anyone. I can describe india in one word is my land is beauty and beauty is in nature. I m very lucky because I lived in India respect our country make our country clean and make more attractive.