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New Year is cautious is very lovely and superb holiday in all over the world while that is the time for persons to leave their misery in the last and get their luck for the  happy New Year which is called naya saal in hindi. Same as other homes this society has always bustle in making and salutation for the most awaited happy New Year. People in all over India, dress colorfully and treat in fun filled activities such as playing games, singing, dancing, and they organize parties. They went to movie theatres, resorts, Night clubs, amusement and restaurants parks are filled with people of all ages.

Gujarati New Year:  In the Gujaratis they celebrate New Year on as Bestu Varas. It is a very promising day for Gujarat people because of its legendary meaning. The they people celebrate new year second day of diwali.  On New Year you can place your order online cake in Pune.They will perform Govardhan puja on this occasion. They purchase new things like dresses, gifts, and dresses and also they will prepare nice food. And main thing is they distribute sweets and gifts to relatives and friends.

Marathi New Year: In Maharashtra Marathi persons in western India celebrate their new year on Gudi Padwa. They consider The New Year day coincide with ‘pratipada’ or on the 1st day of the month in our Indian calendar means lunar calendar. On this day, a Gudi, or a decorated flag is erect in Marathi house lands.  On this day Marathi people distribute gul papadi and they will not fight with each other on this day.The people of Maharashtra take special care in decorate their garlands, flowers and flag. They can place an order with us same day cake delivery in Pune on this New Year.

Marwari New Year: In Marwari tradition, Marwari people will celebrate New Year on diwali it is very popular festival in india. Marwari or other hindus believe our lord shri ram Chandra returned to his land after 14 years of hiatus.

Punjabi New Year: In the Punjab they celebrate with full of joy and very power The New Year shows the power of Punjabi they will dance and sing season. They calls of Jatta aayi Baisakhi the beginning of the celebration. They all come together and they will do dancing and you can place your order online cake in pune. The day begins with the reading of Granthsahib in Gurudwaras – the place of worship for the Sikhs.

Tamil New Year:  In the state of india which is called tamil nadu they tamils people will celebrate new year. Tamil New Year is celebrated in Chitterai, it is first month in the calendar. They went to temple and worship to god for good health and prosperity.

Telugu New Year:  in another state of india The Telugu happy New Year is celebrated to commemorate the starting of spring in South India. It is very popular festival across the south. The word Ugadi is said to denote Yuga which means era and  epoch. A significant ritual of the New Year celebrtation is oil bath. They can palce order cake in pune to enjoy this year very powerful and joy.