Kolkata was very popular during British times and people from all over India usually migrated to Kolkata in search of livelihood. Kolkata has produced many gems who have glittered all over world. Kolkata has been a land of intellectuals and many masterpieces has been produced in various field of literature, drama, movies, science, sports, politics etc. The effect of these on the social aspects has been very visible and can be clearly figured out.

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The intellectual capacity for Kolkata has been developed and can be studied from the social behavioural pattern where parents are more open for thinking and allow the children to follow their dreams. The shift of focus from studies is becoming a very common phenomenon and child love to be singer, dancer, and sports person. The schoolchildren knows more about the dreams and aspirations and start practicing for early to make it perfect till they become adults. The relationship bonds between child and parents are much stronger in the people of Kolkata. The birthdays like occasions are celebrated with better spending and show.

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