The male and females are considered as equals among all the cultures in the world, this is not differently shown in India, and not only in Indian myths and legends show this equality but most of the ancient religions and cultures show this equality by their traditions and stories, like if we take the example of The Great Egyptian Civilization in which many powerful women were present who became queen out of which everyone knows about the most beautiful queen of that time Queen Cleopatra and if we talk about their mythology then Isis, the god of magic also made her son, Horus the avenger, 2nd King of the gods using her skills. If we go from deserts and into the mainland or the west of ancient times, the ancient Greeks and Romans have the same religions and there were many women like the Amazons, a tribe of women who were excellent warriors and if we go towards mythology then both Greeks as well as Romans had 12 Olympians in which there were women or Goddesses like Artemis – the goddess of moon, Athena – the goddess of crafts and wisdom, Hera – the goddess of motherhood, Aphrodite – the goddess of love which worshiped by people on diwali and you can buy gifts for diwali and make worship at your home. Demeter – the goddess of harvest and growth and Hestia – the goddess of home or precisely hearth.

The above women shows that women are equally powerful as men, in Indian mythology also this equality exist in the form of Tridevis the consorts of the Tridevs, the Trinity is considered as universal among all the myths, in every myth around the world, the Trinities are considered absolute everywhere, similarly the Hindu Deities known as Tridevs namely Lord Shiva the transformer, Lord Brahma the creator and Lord Vishnu the protector, the tridevs are considered as male aspects of the gods while the Tridevis namely Goddess Parvati or Durga the divine feminine energy of creation , Goddess Lakshmi which is symbol of money and wealth, on diwali you can order diwali gifts in Bangalore , Goddess Saraswati the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning. Out of the Tridevs Lord Shiva the destroyer and the transformer is considered as most powerful, omnipotent and omniscience so it’s natural for her consort to be her equal so Goddess Parvati or Sati or Durga is considered as the most powerful goddess compared to others.

To honour the Goddess called as Durga or Adi Shakti or Parvati the festival of Navratri is celebrated, this festival is the part of the most celebrated festival of the Hindus, Diwali is the festival of light, so on this day crackers are lighted which shower one’s home. Navratri can be said the Hindu festival of Goddess Durga, there are nine forms of the goddess, each showing a new aspect of the goddess, on the first day Shailaputri or maternal aspect of Durga is worshipped, on the second day Brahmacharini or female flower of penance or deep-meditation, on the third day Chandraghanta or the goddess of war or the better half of Mahadeva, on the fourth day Kushmanda or the divine female creator or the goddess of The cosmic Egg is given prayers, on the fifth day Skandmata or mother of great warrior Kartikeya is worshipped, on the sixth day Katyayini or the warrior of goddess of victory nearly same to Goddess Durga, on the seventh day Kaalratri who is most violent and fiercest of all the forms and is considered auspicious is worshipped, on the eighth day Mahagauri who fulfils the desires of all her devotees is offered prayers and on the ninth and final day Siddhidatri who is the goddess of supernatural powers is worshipped fulfilling the worship of Goddess Durga and taking the blessings of the great mother and the protector. So let’s respect and worship the female aspect of life or nature and spread happiness.