Teddy Bears are based on the shape of bears (obviously who doesn’t understand the meaning of bear), now you must be thinking why did we gave this definition? Don’t be disturbed some people (ahem…girls) like Teddy Bears. So let us tell you that the name “Teddy Bear” is originated obviously from a bear and the president of the U.S. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt due to his gentle nature. Now let’s discuss what can you do on this teddy day, many problems can be solved using these funny little toys but let’s just jump into it.

1. Gift a large teddy bearimage 1

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Now, this is basic even childish you can say, what more can you do for your lady love than gifting her a teddy bear to make her happy. Huh! We didn’t need to mention it but whatever!

2. Dress in a teddy bear outfitimage 2

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What more can make your lady love happy than you dressed up as their cute and cuddly toys and you can also give her a good bear hug and this time it will look like a real bear hug

3. Destroy a bearimage23

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What did we say? Did we say it right? We’re just telling you if you have an ex-lover and her teddy is with you then forget her by destroying that teddy and getting new for your new love

4. Drink beer (funny, sounds same as bear)couple-drinking-beer

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Sounds similar so what can you do more than get happy that you are away from the problems one experiences in a relationship and it’s time for celebration, have a party with friends. Good one (this goes to the boys who may be alone or whose love is away from them for a time period)

5. Fight a bearimage 44

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Show your courage for your love, go trekking and fight a real-life bear and show her that you can save her from any problem ( firstly just worry about saving your own skin). Just kidding guys don’t do it, it’s dangerous

6. Chugging competitionimage 55

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What’s more? We discussed at above points how beer is similar to bear so have a beer chugging competition with other couples or you can also compete against your love and enjoy the day

7. Bear your burdensimage 66

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It’s time to get serious now, the only responsibility you can take for your betterment is to bear your burdens and don’t depend overly on others.