Her birthday is coming on this 30th October and both of you are pretty far from each other. Where she is studying in Pune and you are working in Delhi NCR. It is pretty hard for you to ask your manager to give you leave of 2-3 days so you could visit your love in Pune and celebrate her birthday in best possible way. But no, it ain’t gonna happen. Because in India, no one is going to give you permission to take leave for meeting your love. All will say this is an unnecessary thing to do and you should better focus on your work. Because love is not going to help you earn a living, job will.

What is the choice then? Call a friend living in Pune to help arrange things for her birthday, how unromantic. She would say that you can’t even plan a birthday surprise for her without help of a local friend, in age of internet. Where you can even get a maid by few clicks online, can’t you get cake delivery in Pune through any website? Yes, she is damn right at this point. You can get whatever you wish for celebrating her birthday online only. All you got to do is to visit Winni.in and look for products that you would like to gift on her 21st  birthday, and it will be delivered with ease at any address in Pune.

birthday cake delivery in Pune

Q. So what would be the best thing to gift on her birthday through Winni?

A. Simple answer would be to gift her a delicious cake and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Here cake will serve as the sweetness on her birthday, while flowers will add the love quotient in your gift. 30 Red roses bouquet would be the best option on such occasion. Now when we talk about which cake you should send on her birthday, it is something which is quite relative to her taste and interest. Mostly girls like to have chocolate cake as most of the the girls like chocolate. But many girls prefer to have a light cake, in that fruit cakes would be the best option.

Q. What if I want to make cake delivery more memorable for her?

A. If you like to give her a best possible surprise gift on her birthday then you should definitely opt for midnight cake delivery in Pune. Midnight cake delivery is something which is completely unexpected thing. No one could expect that your door bell will ring at 12:00 AM in night and guy would be standing at the door with cake and flowers in his hands. Nothing could be more surprising and sweeter than this. Though it will charge a bit extra but in my opinion it would be worth the money spend on her birthday. She will remember this sweet surprise forever.

Go ahead, and visit Winni.in for cake delivery in Pune and select best cakes for her, and give her a blasting surprise even without being physically present in Pune.