A Greeting card is a piece of paper card, it’s express the emotion or other friendship. Greeting card is specially use for occasions such as friendship day, birthday and other holiday. In card people are generally shuttle thanks or express the feeling. Greeting card generally packed with a envelope and style of card are different. Every year there is a mass production of card by handmade and also very large and small company. American Greeting and Hallamark cark are the two Biggest production of Greeting card now a days. In western countries growingly use Greeting card every year. Many service business man sent Greeting card to their client, In session of Happy holi, Happy new year, or season’s card. Now a day’s E-card is very similar to Greeting card or postcard.

Greeting card made by form of paper but E-card using Digital media technology. E-card are made and available in internet site. We can sent the card by using e-mail. It’s very Eco-friendly there is not wastage of paper. E-card are much more digital content which make people get more traditional Greeting card. For Example E-card we sent at time many people at once without any investment. Generally E-card saved only in Computer or Mobile phone only. After choose a greeting card user can add video, audio and some memorable photo along with the card. When sent a E-card in email, The sender will get a delivery acknowledgement on his/her mail id. The advantage of homemade card is cost saving and we can find traditional card. Some people they never consider the E-card they always like Greeting card or traditional card. In post card the visual art is static or animated  video or image and there some space to write some note. But in E-card we will be get different type of advantage.

Greeting card are  counter cards are very solid and available in individually. Standard greeting card printed on high quality paper like as card stock and its available in different form like rectangular or folded. The cover page decorated with a picture and in the middle of card printed with appropriated message with some blank space. some card envelops are printing style is different like glitter, golden leaf and ribbons. Photo greeting card are very popular in recent year. Photo greeting card two main type first one is come with there is a slot in the we will insert the photo in the slot and second slot which printed with high quality photo. These type of card sent in the holiday greeting. Personalized greeting card are use in personalization technology. These card allow to people to print their own message directly to the greeting card. Musical greeting card is very famous now a days. when open the greeting card, we will listen the music or sound when the greeting card are opened. These card are made by handmade, which play traditional songs such as Birthday songs.

Electronic Greeting  cards is sent only electronically. Flash-based card only sent in email. There many social media site there we can post greeting such as Facebook, G+, twitter. In recent days the service launch which enable the sent greeting to your smart phone directly.