The establishment of a person’s identity depends on his/her family.  Basically, the foundation of a person’s is family. The family is the place in which he born from where we get the relationship in the form of Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandfather and Grandmother Etc. When we talk about the family the first thing which comes to our mind is the relationship. If the relations within our family are harmonious we feel happy and satisfied with our life. If there is any kind of mess up in between the members of the family or between some relations we will be strained. We will not able to pay attention towards any other thing. As the family is the place where all exists and with the firm existence we feel confident.

It is seen a happy and relaxed person can concentrate well on things rather than the person who is stressed. Therefore it is essential to keep your relations healthy.  This has been said “happiness is the basic key to success”, a happy person will be able to lead a quality life. Therefore one needs to celebrate small-small occasions in our daily life routine so that the spark between the relationships can be maintained. Sending gifts on the special occasions can make the relationship soothing and more enjoyable.

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