We are sitting at mid of November in Pune, and we have already started feeling a chill in evening and morning time. This is the start of rosy winter season, but unlike many think that there is no such thing called winters in Pune, they are all wrong. Although the temperature dip is not too low but Pune have seen as low as 1.7 degree Celsius in January of year 1935. And at an average temperature drops to around 6 degree Celsius in night time. Which is good enough to send a chill across the body.


Though many people love winters over summers due to its cozy nature. But it also poses problems for people who are looking for celebrating birthdays in this season. As temperature dips in the evening and night time, people either do not prefer to go outside or they need to log themselves with lots of warm clothes to prevent themselves from getting cold. But either way people do not find it comfortable to go outside in this winter season even if it is a birthday celebration. Not only this, many bakeries shut their shutters around 7 pm to prevent themselves from catching cold which leave many customers without any option for buying cakes.

To get around this issue, many people go to shop in day time and buy cake from bakery and keep it with them until the party time. This is again not a good solution, as taking care of cake till the party time itself becomes a liability. To help people of Pune in this dire need, Winni.in has offered a solution where customer can order cake online in Pune and get cake delivery to any place in Pune. Though ordering cake online is bit new thing for many people who used to buy cake from offline store. But as India is moving towards cashless economy many people are slowly migrating towards use of more credit/debit cards rather than using cash. And perfect place to use your credit/debit card would be websites only from where you could order cake along with paying online using their netbanking option.


Providing online cake delivery in Pune is not really easy of Winni as well due to non-favorable environment. But with the help of specialized warm clothes and vehicles Winni makes sure that delivery persons stay safe while delivering cakes in Pune. And as more people have started using websites to order cake, they have come across multiple services and products as well. For example, if you go on Winni you will find option of eggless cake delivery in Pune and midnight cake delivery in Pune. With which people are free to order eggless cakes which are suitable for customers who are vegetarian. And with midnight delivery of cakes people can order cake for midnight delivery for adding a spicy surprise element. These things are otherwise not possible for people in offline store model.

And if you are one of them who is looking to send cake online to Pune to your friends or loved in this winter season should try to explore benefits of online cake delivery websites like Winni. You would come across many more possibilities that you have not thought of otherwise.