cake delivery in electronic city bangaloreEveryone wants to make party with unlimited fun either it party conducting at your home and with friends.  People planned for parties that it will be conducted in this manner or that manner. But mostly time fun of party like surprising and  dancing fun fail due to many reason. In other words our mind have a lot planning but they don’t execute at the right time. If we talk about birthday party than I am sure ever you planned a surprising party for your friend but it gonna fail with no co-ordination of other friends or due to any other reason. With Winni you can execute your plan on the earth from the mind. It provides many services which can make your birthday bash memorable and surprising. There is many things some of important I want to mentioned below: –

Midnight cake delivery in Pune:-

By getting your cake on midnight you can make your birthday and anniversary party for your lovely friends surprising. If you want to really make your friend birthday party within a surprising way then bring a cake on the night at 00:01 AM. You can take cake in the evening from shop but it finish the surprise the birthday party for your friend. You bring the cake at evening time and put into the fridge but somewhere it finish the surprising plan of your birthday party. So by midnight cake delivery option you can order cake for the midnight delivery at that time on night for make your friend birthday party surprising.

Capture the moment :-

This is a another way to make your friend birthday party memorable. If you are living outside from your city and your friends and do a online cake order for your friend then by this service you can see how was your friend reaction when he/she got your birthday cake or any other gift. In this service our team provide a cameraman at the time of delivery and if you want to capture those moments when your friend get your birthday gift then you can see it after 24 hours of delivery time. Capture the moments make your friend birthday memorable for you and your friend by which you can get live moments at the time of your gifting item delivery to your friend.

Cash on delivery :-

With cake cash on delivery you can be feel free that you are not wasting your money if due to any reason cake has been gone impaired then with cash on delivery option you have surety with your money. The awkward moment when you open a gift which you want for someone will always be special and if it’s something you don’t like but you pretend you like it and after listening this things the person happiness which you find in his/her face gives us a internal happiness it the best moment of our life. Gives may be flower, teddy, bouquet or any other things. It has its own value, which is unexpected.