cake order online in PuneDay, in which a man and women are born, is celebrated day as birthday to make it memorable day. In India each and everyone celebrate this day .This day, the hall and drawing room are beautifully decorated with lights n candles, balloons. Friends, relatives, well-wishers, school mates teachers are invited on this day. A special and delicious cake is ordered for this day. Therefore, different kinds of delicious n sweet dishes are prepared. At the given time the invited relatives n well wisher  begin to come and are welcomed by the parents for which the day is being celebrated. At the time the time the person cuts the cake. A round of applause follows. Plates full of delicious  food items are then handed round. Everyone falls to with a good deal. The eating is complete by a lot of taking, jokes and giggling. Camera man take picture of each and every moment. After eating, jokes may be made. Then the gifts given by the invited guests and relatives may be opened one by one. And the person concerned expresses his or her feelings to the guests and relatives. After, they all are dancing and singing celebration going on continuously . My friend thrilled all of us by his sweet voice.

 My mother and Me organized a birthday party at my farm house. I invited all my friends and neighbors’  children, relatives on my birthday. My elder sister decided some games like playing the parcel and consequences and so many games like passing ball, cards ,singing, which we played during the birth day party. It was real  joy n fun as our dress code was that of a funny joker. Everybody was looking very beautiful, funny and cute. Mother made delicious sweet dish for my friends. My birthday cake which got by online cake delivery in Hyderabad at home was in the shape of a Car and looked very nice. After the light food, My Papa gave return gifts to my friends and neighbors children and poked the bal­loons filled with toffees. Camera man clicked so many photographs . It was really awesome and wonderful party. One that I will never forget in my  life.

In July, it was my best friend’s birthday. So we all organize a awesome birthday party. He invited all of us to come to his house 2 days before his birthday. It was a small and sweet tea-party with a few close friends and family members. He is the eldest in the hole family, he told me to come and help him with the preparations and decorating. 2 day before, we went to the market and brought some necessary decoration stuff. We decided for a few hour on the dish and other things with my best friend’s father. We also ordered for the cake because without cake there is no celebration.

Both are very excited, my best friend was turning 24 this year. I decided to go direct at his home after college to help him with the decorations and another things. I had already kept my clothes to his house, so there was no problem. Friend’s father and mother are working, so they too were very happy and glad with me there to help my best friend prepare for his birthday party.

One our way back to his home from college, we collected the cake and the sweets that we had  placed ordered one day before. After we back home. We finished our lunch and went drawing-room for decoration and changed the table place and also table-cloth, cleaned the drawing room and start decorations.

We decorated the hung with balloons all over, paper, bells.It was great fun as most of balloons busted while blowing  them and others refused to hung to the wall. For our siblings, we had kept a few birthday caps. While he was blowing the balloons  I quickly packed the return-gifts. We placed floating candles on the table corner where the delicious birthday cake would be kept and then put an another table to keep the sweet dish.We played  so many games like cards, housie and musical chairs. It was a awesome fun. The winners were given small prizes too. All were so happy and glad. I will never forget this kind of celebration in my life.