History provides stark evidences of how a fine person’s arrogance lead to his downfall.

Leo Tolstoy said “An arrogant person consider himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life – becoming a perfect person.

And same is depicted in cute cartoon image below which shows how the arrogance of cupcake has lead to its downfall. In this story, there were 2 cupcakes, one was very pretty looking, well decorated and was having strawberry flavor. And there was other cupcake which was of vanilla flavor, and there was no decoration over it. Both were kept on same shelf for selling. When strawberry cupcake looked at vanilla cupcake, he felt so much proud that he is best looking cupcake on entire shelf. He was so proud of himself, that he was eager to let everyone see him on the self.


While the vanilla flavor cake never paid attention over its beauty. He never bothered whether he is good looking or bad looking. All what matters to him is that he is live and happy to be on that shelf. Because strawberry cake was so good looking, very soon a customer came and bought it. Shopkeeper pulled that cupcake from that shelf and gave it to customer. While shopkeeper was pulling him, he was confused for a moment but soon he understood that this is the end. And this is all because he was so arrogant of his looks that he attracted to much attraction of people coming in shop.

This what happens with many people in life, as soon as they achieve something which most people don’t have. That is the moment they start showing off what they have rather than improving themselves to become a more better person not just for themselves but for society as well.

Similar to this cupcake story, if you go to any cake shop you will find many cakes there, but you almost chooses one which is most good looking and fresh. You don’t want to bring a stale or basic looking cake for a party. And while you are on a cake shop looking for best cake, there is a high chances that you miss out of several cakes which that baker might prepares but it is not available at that moment. And assuming that no other cakes could be prepared, you simply walk out with the one that is available at that moment.

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