Teddy bear come in life based on a story that happened 1902 when President Theodore Roosevelt went for a bear hunting trip in Mississippi in November 14,1902. Governor of Mississippi Andrew H. Longino invited Mr. president for hunting purpose because President Roosevelt are famous on his hunting and he also called by the big game hunter but unlikely they didn’t get any bear to hunt. But one of his deputy whose name is Holt Collier. Holt and his comrade take a American black bear and tied to a tree and they said to president to shoot the bear but president refused to shoot the bear. Because this thing happen with president that’s why it didn’t take too much time to publicly disclosed, there was an article that based on this incident which was popular in people.

There was a cartoonist whose make cartoon for political purpose his name is Clifford Berryman he saw the article and read it and they decided to draw a sketch of teddy bear which was posted in Washington newspaper. Mr. Morris Michtom who was a candy shop owner was living in Brooklyn. He saw the cartoon post and decided to make a toy bear and they want to dedicate that toy bear to president because he refused to kill the bear. Because Morris and his wife are the manufacturer of animal stuff that’s why they make a toy bear and they give his name Teddy bear because it’s a name of president. After that they went to the president for permission to use his name as toy product name. When Roosevelt allowance to use his name as toy name, Michtom manufacture the  teddy bear which was going to too so popular. After he found a perfect toy company. This day the teddy bear has so popular in over the world.

Basically he made that teddy for furnish as a gift. Now a day’s teddy is basically used for providing a gift. Teddy bear is famous for its cuteness and its mushy. Basically teddy is stare as gift, we gives teddy bear to someone who very special for us or who have loving nature because teddy is famous for its soft and loving nature. We can gift a teddy to our loved ones. Teddy is best friend for children, in childhood we all are attached with our teddy. For human being they each time need a friend who listen all the things that happen in their life. But teddy is best friend for anyone he never complain for anything. He is the best friend of children’s. Every age of people likes teddy bear. Teddy bear represent his soft nature and cutesy. His soft heart are best part of its nature. Teddy is well known as a children’s best friend, they always sleepy with teddy bear. For children teddy bear is the best gift for his birthday because teddy bear is so cute and soft and they feel like teddy is his best friend. When state of mind is not good that time they used to Share his feelings with teddy bear because teddy bear is one of the best construction of humane, teddy bear is always twinkling doesn’t matter what happened. It’s good to have friend like teddy bear.