The yummy dessert cake comes from the old Norse word “kaka” which is nothing just a form of bread or bread-like food.  Cakes are very special in every occasions or celebration such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, or valentine’s day etc because every celebration starts with a delicious cake. Cakes come with some different types of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, pineapple. It is a merger of flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, nuts, dried fruit and butter or oil with some flavor and also requiring liquid typically milk or water. Cakes are always made our any party or celebration more special with their yummy or delightful taste and beauty. You can celebrate any party or celebration by online cake delivery in Bangalore from Winni.  There are different types of cakes like eggless cake, photo cake, designer cake, shape cake, drawing cake etc that we offer in Bangalore. We offer photo cakes, designer cakes to add extra glamour to your party with excellent taste that will surely catch attention of your each and every guest.

1. Eggless Cakeimg11Due to an extremely growing rate of vegetarianism eggless cakes is more in demand. With a delicious eggless cake, you can celebrate any special occasion with a cake. Especially who have always troubled because cakes were always baked with eggs that’s why they cannot enjoy any occasion or party.

2. Photo Cake

Photo Cake Bangalore

Photo cakes are the best way to surprise anyone on their special day with their photo on a delicious cake. It is the greatest way to share your or your dear one’s photos. In a photo cakes, any photo is converted into edible images and is reproduced on the topmost outer of cake to create a fascinating picture. It is the best surprise gift for any special occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, friendship day, farewell party or valentine’s day etc.

3. Customized Cake or Shape Cakeimg14

Customized cake or shape cake is also a great way to celebrate any celebration or party. Especially in kids party because generally, kids are love shape cake very much. Shape or designer cake comes in many different shapes according to your choices like Barbie doll, Donald Duck, Mickey mouse, car, Spiderman and much more shape. So you can surprise your prince, princess or anyone with a special shape cake with their favorite cartoon character on their special day.