At the present time mostly all youngsters have girlfriend in their life. And all you know that every girlfriend wants teddy as a gifts at their happy day or happy occasion.  I am not kidding men it’s a fact that relates to our young generation. But ever you think about the origin of this cute teddy bear or gifts.  Lets a tour about history or origin about these cute and beautiful teddy.

Teddy Bear came from the 19th century  in USA at the time of 26th president of USA Theodore Roosevelt when they went in a hunting trip in Mississippi. When he denied for shoot the bear after that incident he draw an image of bear. That drawing saw by Morris Michtom founded of the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company and was inspired to create a teddy bear cup and put it in the shop window that cup. That creation got famous at that time and after that time that cup sketch took a physical body and famous with name as teddy bear. At that time teddy bears were made as like real bears  but as time was going that creation extended, and now a day’s teddy bear tend to have larger eye and foreheads and smaller noses and now it become toys. Toys cuteness increases more when it taking baby like feature. Toys not only represents bears but also represent many species. Because of softness and beautiful looking of this type of gifts known as soft toys in the market of gifting items.

Now a day’s variety of teddies  present in market according to their uses. Teddy bears are most famous in between babies as for playing  teddies also uses for gifts. Where gifts is varies from person to person for children it become in different shape and size color, for lovers it takes different shape and size. A lot of girls carry big and small teddy bear toys.

As we know girls are mostly likes teddy bears so at the time of birthday of my sweet sister I presented  her a teddy bears, even that was a tinny teddy  which I brought from my salary, That was tiny because at that time my salary was less I expected. My sister likes that teddy so much it is pink in color  That teddy was beautiful as my sister said to me, she keeps it always with her because she missed me a lot. At the time of annual function on her school when speaker gave her a chance to define about your beloved ones, Than my sister said a story for her first gift as she ever got. At that time she was 8 year old only she said about me and said that my lovely brother gave me a beautiful teddy bears by his first salary that is beautiful as I ever seen in my life that is beautiful and precious for me because that I got from my sweet brother.


That is the story about teddy bears people buys teddy bears from stores and share as gifts by post and any other physical medium now a day’s many platform are there which gives you a chance to share your gifts online. Now a day’s it is a time for online teddy bears. You have to choose any teddy online and either order online or send it online to anywhere for your love.