Karva Chauth  comes on the fourth day of the Kartik month every year. On this particularly day it is customary for the wife to fast the whole day. Woman does not drink even water on this day. She paints her hands and feet with henna, dresses generally in red apparel and on her hair parting she smears vermilion powder. All the above is the ‘Shringar’ of a bride. It is a holy festivals in which whole day fast done by indian women for a long age of husband.

One women called Veeravati  began her fast and her husband died. She preserved the dead body of her hubby and he came back to life the in next Karva Chauth.  Strongly believed that  a Pati-Vrata woman even has the power to stand against the great “god of death”, Yama or Yamaraja. This Karva Chauth fast is taken by the her, so that the hubby lives a prosperous and long ,happy life.

The famous story of karva .Husband was caught by a crocodile. Karva tied the crocodile with a cotton yarn. He refused. Karva  warning to curse Yama. Yamaraj, afraid of being cursed by devoted women asked to yama, throw the crocodile to hell. Karva and husband enjoyed many years of wedded . The fact that Yama was afraid of being cursed by a devoted wife showed the power a good faithful woman!

Old  days, women was totally depend on a man. He was her guru, husband, father . Early in the morning around 4:30, she would eat fried bread, puri and aloo chips, and cup of coffee. While he went off to work, she started to cook food and she breaks her fast. Whole day required totally abstinence from drinking or eating. In the Hindu religion on this festival she prays to god for hubby’s long life.

They loved evenings, it was time for her to began her fast. She would dress in all her finery and then ready her beautifully decorated prayer plate. They would all manly head over to a relative’s home or friend’s house for the prayers. There, all the married women gathered in cricle – in their gold and diamonds – would sing prayers and exchange plates. All the little girls, like me, would look on in reverence and respect.

To my childhood eyes, the ladies gathered movie stars. How lovely it was that women prayed for the hubby’s  in this way. After prayer, we would head house for the final step. My mother would observe the moon through a plat which is made by sieves and then touch her husband feet in respect. Than feed her with hands freshly squeezed apple juice to break her fast. After, we would all gathered in one place and  sit down to dinner.

Grew older, I started to notice the custom’s prevalence in bollywood  movies. I was thought of the particularly day I would be managing to play role this with my hubby. On karva chauth husband give gifts to her wife and now you can buy karva chauth gifts online in Bangalore . And they celebrate this festival with joy. Winni provides you alots of gifts related to karva chauth.