1. Getting drunk at home

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Get your booze and let it ooze and enjoy the eve with your loose sense.

2. Call your mom and cry about your lonelinessanigif_enhanced-27630-1422617202-3

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Share your fears and sadness with the closest women in your life.

3. Go ahead and just sleep through Christmasimage3

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Follow your favorite passion of taking a nap and sleep tight and have merry dreams.

4. Play video games or watch any Christmas movie on TVimage4

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Entertain yourself with mind-grossing movies, serials and video games.

5. Go out and tease some Skinny mall Santaimage5Tease the Santas who don’t look like their original counterpart and enjoy the irony between Saint Nicholas and the one in front of you.

6. Sneak in some Christmas party and get drunk AFimage6

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Crash a party in drunken state and make some noise and give a new life to the party.

7. Or just grab your camera and travel to capture all the light around youimage7

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Just capture the activities near you and bring out the photographer in you and freeze the moments and sceneries of the day.