1. Don’t drink & drive, just drive and drinkimage1

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Seriously guys don’t do anything like that just drink but not while driving, while driving you have to be sober and don’t do it anyway.

2. Go cocky and scream highimage2

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Scream high doesn’t mean you get on the top of a building and scream as high as you can just enjoy drunken talk with your friends. 

3. Have an UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!!!image3

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Memorable doesn’t mean you have do something risky like jumping from the table and hanging on the fan, just enjoy the party and let the spirit of your enjoyment leave a lasting effect on others.

4. GO NUTTSSS!!!image4

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Going nuts doesn’t mean you have to break things and demolish a house, just go nuts with the celebration so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

5. Don’t make any New Year resolutions that you can’t keepimage5

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Every year you promise yourself something and you’re not able keep anyone of them, in that case either don’t promise anything or if you do, keep them.

6. Don’t Just Sleep at New Year’s Eveimage6

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Don’t just sleep through the New Year, this is the best time you can have at the end of 2015 and this is the chance to bid farewell to the old year and old memories and welcome New Year and experiencing new moments.

7. Don’t cry else you have to cry the whole yearimage7

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This is the cliched one but it’s true, you shouldn’t cry on the new year, whatever the reason it may be, stay always happy and keep your new year resolution for a change.