Let’s check which flavour or type of cake is appropriate for which occasion

1. For birthday (adult)rsz_dsc_02731

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An adult wants a simple birthday cake and they like pineapple cake and if they have a special indulgence than any other cake may suffice

2. For birthday (Kids)IMG_1659a

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Kids also don’t have anything special taste but they like chocolate and mostly some cake which have the same shape as their favourite cartoon character

3. For marriage/ anniversaryrsz_3-tier-rose-wedding-cake

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For marriage many of couples use tier cakes, generally they are two and three tier cakes and they are also popular for anniversaries

4. For Valentine’s Dayrsz_20140711_202307

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The day of love mostly requires strawberry cake in the shape of a heart and these heart shaped cakes are popular

5. For Mother’s Day/Father’s Dayrsz_1cupcke3

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For parent’s special day anything will suffice but mostly black forest cakes will be appropriate for these days so get them for your parents

6. For Children’s Day005

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For children’s day a chocolate cake and specially a popular cartoon character cake like Doraemon

7. For ChristmasRound-Christmas-Cake-Ideas-08

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Christmas pudding is different but a rum cake or pudding is the best answer to your Christmas celebration