Gifts are a must for a lovely season of Valentine and cake, chocolates and flowers are normal examples of these gifts, check out what more can give to express your love.

 1. Movie Ticket 

On Valentine’s Day go with your lover for watching a beautiful romantic movie which makes your girlfriend happy. Love season requires a visual treat. When the proposing scene comes in the movie you should do exactly same as an actor do in the movie and say love me like you do.

 2. Pet 

In the whole week of Valentine gifts are compulsory so give a gift to your lover what she like most, most of the girls like pet animals like dog, cat etc. so giving pet animal rather than giving chocolates or flowers etc.

3. Jewelry

A jewel is an eye candy in the eyes of many people, some of them even spend a lot of jewelry, So this will be a good gift if you want to surprise the jewel obsessed people thinking in mind same as a golem of LOTR: Trilogy said “MY PRECIOUSSS”.

 4. Amusement Park

Who doesn’t like to amuse themselves and enjoy themselves and the perfect way to do that is by enjoying in an amusement park or even a water park.

 5. Romantic Book 

Reading is a great joy and is food for thought for everybody who likes to read to spice up your romantic life by gifting a romantic book to your love.

 6. Identical Figurine

What more will be appropriate than a figurine in the shape and having the face same as your love so you can present them a figurine just like a wax figurine in Madam Tussad?

7. The product of your own hand something made by your own hand will have a special; place in your love’s heart so what better to gift them then something you made and dedicated to them.

 8. Meet their stars or idol


If it’s possible for you to get something relating to your love’s idol then you can get it for them if you can then make an arrangement to meet their idols (if they are alive) and let them experience joy firsthand.

 9. Mobile

In our generation one thing which is necessary is mobile, a mobile is more important than jewelry for some people as its necessary for chatting, calling, browsing and its used to disturb others. A known fact is that there are at least 1000 mobiles more than the population of the country.

 10. Love Birds


Love is the reason for this season so what better to gift your partner a pair of lovebirds and pray to be always with your love like the lovebirds.