Propose day it comes on the second day of Valentine’s week it is celebrated with great excitement every one or every year on 8th of February. Girls are imaginative and she always wants that her guy proposes her in a unique style.

Let find out these best 10 ways to win a heart of your lady love.

1. Sky write your Feelings

thing gets a sky write to read out your proposal while sunlight is very dim. She may be confused but this idea will work.

2. Organize Romantic Candlelight Dinner for Her 

The soft lights of the candles in flames combustion and the romantic tunes set one of the perfect settings for a romantic proposal. It will set the mood for romance and love.

3. Propose a girl in different style 

If you can do this take your girl on vacation near a hot air balloon and propose her when you are in the middle of air may be she looks afraid that she will accept your proposal.

4. By playing some funny game 

You can play some funny game with her and let her win the game. At the end of the game, you can give her some surprise through which you can share your feelings in front of her.

5. Proposal on t-shirt 

Get a clean t-shirt with written something like “will you marry me” or “Do You Love Me” and wear a jacket over it, take her to a nearby park or a place you usually meet up and get down on your knees and expose your special tee to her or you can do it with help of your family members or friends.

5. Gift collection of her favorite song 

You can record her favorite songs on DVD and go to her house and intentionally left the DVD on her table or leave the house when she looks DVD and opens it, put in the computer she will really feel very good. This is the best way to propose a girl also.

7. Place where you met first 

Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time. Re-erect the same flash and then propose to her. It’s one of the most romantic ways to propose.

8. Poster proposal 

Source: If you can’t utter your feeling or you are afraid of refusal then you can use the banner for proposing a girl. You can get a banner prepared with the word ‘I Love You’ or ‘be my Valentine’ and have it displayed outside her house or in the workplace.

9. Be yourself 

Be original, and be yourself. It’s in this world each and every girl’s delusion to have a guy propose to her always be how you live or who you are and say three magical words in your own style.

10. Radio proposal

The girls love courageous guys. Any girl would love the man who proposes her would have the spirit to propose in front of thousands of people listening over the radio waves.